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Born into a family of artistic wealth, Emile was destined to become a force of literary awareness to be reckoned with.  At the tender age of 7, he wrote a script for his favorite tv show, Star Trek.  He gave the short screenplay to his social studies teacher for was immediately labeled a fake.  When asked to produce another, he took pencil in hand and created another on the spot!  This incident reinforced his desire to write.


 As a teen, he attended S.C.P.A. There he was introduced to classical music, in the form of string bass.  Paired with his knowledge of electric bass guitar, this proved to be a wonderful molding platform of linear and abstract ideas.  This lent power to the gritty urban tales and stream of consciousness prose he penned.  


Life proved to be a vast training ground.  The pain and turmoil of relationships turned out to be literary gold, resulting in poetry and fiction that sears the reader's soul.  Emile resides in the cincinnati area. There, he spends time writing and listening to good music. He is currently writing a book of short stories. 

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